Nelumbo e.V.

Nelumbo e.V. is a non-profit, registered association, which has made it its business to combine art and the good cause.

The key issues of the association are environmental protection, the protection of biodiversity as well as raising awareness of these issues through environmental education worldwide. We use art in combination with positive nature experience and environmental education to influence environmental awareness.

The association was founded in summer 2017 by a total of 7 founding members from all over Germany. The association emerged from the initiative NelumboArt. Through the sale of art, projects and actions for the good cause are supported.

What does Nelumbo stand for?

The name “Nelumbo” is the scientific term for the lotus flower. It has the property of being dirt-repellent and can also thrive in adverse conditions.

The lotus flower symbolize purity and beauty. Grown, surrounded by dirt, defying the circumstances.

The Nelumbo e.V. implements projects that will bring the beauty and uniqueness of our nature closer to future generations. With the help of beauty in the form of art, environmental education is conveyed and environmental awareness is promoted.

How does the Nelumbo e.V. work?

It is important that Nelumbo e.V. as a non-profit organisation does not operate commercially. For this reason a clear distinction must be made between NelumboArt and Nelumbo e.V., even though both institutions operate under the same umbrella brand.

NelumboArt offers a network for different artists. As part of this network, the artists donate profit shares to the association Nelumbo e.V.  The works of art are marked with the Nelumbo logo, as a seal of good deed by artists and buyers.

Through these and other donations, such as membership fees, Nelumbo e.V. is able to implement projects in the fields of environmental education, nature and environmental protection all over the world.

The greatest possible transparency is strived for, to which the association itself commits itself. The charitable projects are continuously and promptly presented online.

“Do good and talk about it.” In this spirit you can follow us on Facebook and Instagram or become a member.